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American Golf presents the Best Par 4's in Colorado Golf

When you think about the best golf course in American Golf you think about Florida, California, and Carolina, but how about Colorado Golf Courses. Check out our best par 4’s in Colorado Golf. is your online source for all things golf at golf experience dot com. You'll learn how to golf like the pros do. Also find unlimited discounts on Colorado green fees. plus find incredible discounts on your favorite golf apparel at golf experience You can post golf scores print out customized scorecards keep track of your game like the professionals do and watch videos on how the professionals play some of the most challenging golf holes in the state. Go to for the best golf tips detailed information about every course and discount golf offers. That's Check out Estes Park and the 13th hole par four it plays 312 yards from the back tees and two hundred fifty four yards from the forward tees aggressive long hitters may try for the Green off the tee shot however the rewards are not worth the risk a two hundred yard tee shot will put you in perfect position for an easy approach to land the ball short of the green for a perfect uphill shot for birdie. Raccoon Creek number 10 is a dog leg left slightly uphill. 375 yard hole from the back tees and 270 from the forward tees, it is drivable for the long hitters so you want to make sure the Greens clear before you attack it. Raccoon Creek is both right and left of the hole as it goes underneath the fairway. Your best angle comes in from just short of the creek at about one hundred and ten yards to an uphill green guarded by a front right bunker in the green slopes from back left to front right. Kennedy golf course is among our favorites for a great game of golf. It has one of our selections for the best go for it par fours in the state. The second hole on the creek plays 322 yards from the back tees and is well protected with sand traps in the front. It will require a spot on drive to make the green. Saddleback Golf Course #16 Many golfers can think they can reach that green with a perfect shot from the tee. It's risk reward on this well protected green because even if you clear the 255 yards of water and you have reached dry land, you must still avoid the sandy bunkers that await, a wise golfer would lay up and leave with you a manageable approach shot of less than 100 yards in most cases. Watch Remington post and general manager Ryan Parr of the Raven at Three Peaks Golf Course as we play the ninth hole. This par four plays 514 yards from the back tees and three hundred thirty three yards from the forward. It is one of our selections for the highest elevated tee box as it plays over 200 feet from tee box to fairway. Tee it up and let it fly as there is very little trouble that guards the fairway. But make sure that your approach is accurate as it is protected by sand traps and a very undulating fast green. If you make par on this hole you did something special. Looking to promote your services with high quality HD videos the Bonka blast specializes in creating those special videos. Storytelling is by far the best approach to each video in order to engage the audience and keep them watching to the end. We are experts at storytelling. We offer a full service video production and campaign management creative and concept development as well as consultation. We love to create videos that demonstrate ingenuity originality and inspiration to help our clients communicate their values brand products and more. We make video production simple. What you'll find at Banoka Blast is a one stop shop for your entire video production. Our goal is to make it easy on you whether it's your company school government retail or personal. We can compose a professional video to suit all your needs. Our philosophy is to offer the best telling video stories but we also learn to do a lot with a little depending on the project and the budget. We are not happy until you love it. We also include a post-production team freelance editors animators and audio engineers. We are your first source for video production. We produce right direct film edit and deliver high quality HD video at a reasonable price with a fast turnaround. We also help promote your video on the internet, social networks, YouTube, Vimeo and more will review your Web site and social media pages and recommend which video style and spokesperson would be most beneficial for your company. We have one goal in mind to help you grow your business.

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