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Colorado Golf Best Par 3's

The best part 3s play in Colorado Golf when you think about playing American golf courses you normally think of courses in Florida California North and South Carolina. But how about Colorado golf.

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Our selection for the toughest par three in this state Murphy Creek offers the 17th hole from the back tees it plays 248 yards and from the forward tees 138 yards late tee shot requires pinpoint accuracy as there are plenty of hazards that protect the right including two bunkers and a creek if you hit your shot to the left bunkers and a collection area will meet your fate. The best shot. Try to hit it long and high as the ball will hold the green and will prevent the hole from getting away from you. If you miss hit the shot try to pull it to the left and long. This whole offers a panoramic setting with snow capped mountains that surround you. It has all the fun elements of mountain golf a pond protects the left side of the green and sand traps are in front back and on the left with an elevated tee box and the swirly winds that come into play. It has all the dynamics of one of the toughest par 3s in the state. You must have pinpoint accuracy as you attack this small shaped green with a strange angle associated with a Jack Nicholas design. It plays 200 yards in the back tees and one hundred twenty five yards from the front. Better off short and to the right. If you make par on this hole you did something special.

Saddleback has one of the most spectacular par 3’s in Colorado. It plays one hundred eighty five yards and the back tees and seventy eight yards from the forward your tee shot must be accurate as you attack this island green. Not only do you have to contend with the pond but two sand traps protect the front and one in the back. The best shot is long into the right to avoid too much trouble. The greens are tricky and fast with some undulations. If you part of this hole you can go to the next hole feeling pretty good. Saddleback is a must play for all golfers.

Raccoon Creek 17th hole is one of the toughest par 3s in Colorado. It plays 213 yards from the back tees and 138 yards from the forward tees. Even though the green is large many shots have found the pond on the left side and the sand trap on the right.

What makes this whole so challenging. It plays two hundred twenty six yards from the back tees and is very well protected with many hazards upon surrounds the right side of the green. Not much room to bail on the left with the sand trap. Two deep bunkers that get in the way if you are short and many hazards await if you hit it long. Now if you do hit a good shot good luck. Many three putts have occurred.


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